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E-gift cards, done beautifully

There’s a reason why the most successful online stores are offering digital gift cards: E-gift cards increase customer loyalty, drive more revenue, and introduce new customers to your store. Customers love them, too: Giving and receiving digital gift cards is convenient, and paying with them is fast and secure.       

Meet Gift Cards – the most intuitive, lean way to sell and accept pre-paid, multi-purpose e-gift vouchers on your WooCommerce store. Not offering gift cards yet? Now is the best time to start.    


  • Sell Simple and Variable gift certificates.
  • Create expiring codes.
  • Let customers choose a custom delivery date.
  • Send to multiple recipients.
  • Search and edit issued gift certificates by code, sender, or recipient.     
  • Log and search transactions store-wide — by code, or by customer.   
  • Generate issued, used and expired amount reports.  
  • Import and export gift card codes.

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