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Gen PTC PRO Script is a great PTC which you can setup your own PTC business easily. Security is reliable and secure. We pride ourselves in having the most secure GPT script available. We have a solid security system against hackers, cheaters, and anyone else that could damage your business.We pride ourselves in having the most secure PTC/GPT script available. No other script has the protection GeN4 has on as many levels as it has, including non-PTC/non-GPT.


Customize as You Wish:

You can easily edit a theme, create a new one, add new features, or use GeN4 Security+ as the base for a brand new idea. No other GPT/PTC script allows the openness GeN4 offers as we only encode 3 pages.

We Cover it All

Paid to Click (PTC), Youtube Advertisements (PTV), Paid to Sign-Up (PTSU), CoinGrid, Featured Ads, Featured Links, Banner Advertisements, 10 Offerwalls, 3rd Party Advertising, and More.  

Integrated Forum

Built in forum which works hand and hand with the script. GeN4 has its own forum built with the script which has its own administration area section and even has a moderation area for quality control/reported threads.

The forum has a number of features like achievements, posting bonuses, integrated animated smiles, an area to personalize your profile, and a colorful user title system.

800+ Settings

There are over 800 settings in the GeN4 script. Every new release has additional features, settings, and functions added which will perpetuate your site forward.

We want you to have a fully loaded administration area which in turn will cut down any physical editing you will have to do. Adding new settings is easy if you are planning on expanding the system yourself. 



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