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Bootstrap is ‘mobile-first’ front end framework developed by a couple of engineers at Twitter (hence the name), it was originally designed to help provide some consistency across tools the guys were building internally. Since its first public (open source) release in 2011 (see the blog post here) it has found huge popularity among web developers for its ease of use and feature set, and in 2012 was the most popular project on GitHub. that allows for developing websites and custom applications that are cross-browser and cross-device compatible (responsive). Some of the key features of Twitter Bootstrap are:

  • Responsive design Base CSS For Typography, code, Tables, Forms, Buttons
  • Web UI Component Dropdowns, Buttons, Navigation menu, Labels, Breadrumbs, Pagination, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress bars
  • JavaScript plugins Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Tab, Tooltip, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel and Typehead
  • Built on LESS A CSS grid system for designing adaptive websites
  • Cross platform Ensures that the output is consistent across platforms & browsers
  • Integration Simple, fast and easy to work with existing sites
  • Compatibility Takes into account the future design & development standards e.g. HTML5 & CSS3
  • Open Source Allows developers to participate and add their contribution to be used by other bootstrap developers
  • phpBB 3.3, 3.2, 3.1 and 3.0 included. Professional Development will always cover all the software versions ;)
  • Bootstrap 3.3.8 Fully integrated and untouched (The only theme in the phpBB market section that has been TRULY written from scratch on top bootstrap, line by line. BBOOTS is part of my collection and it has been written from scratch as well. Don’t let the other Authors Fool you with poorly coded copycats!)
  • Fancy Lazy Topics Loader ($250 value ) Download it from the community forum at www.sitesplat.com
  • Built-in “ACP Update Notifier ©” – never miss an update! HOT
  • Topics and Posts Status Replaced with Font Icons
  • Multilanguage support, just drop the language file into your language and all set!
  • Built from the GROUND-UP on Bootstrap Framework HOT
  • 100% valid HTML5 and CSS3 Semantic
  • 100+ Fully Responsive Pages (Moderator control Panel, User Control Panel , Everything!)
  • limitless Colors Combinations with the on-line colorpicker service: COLORIZE? HOT
  • Remarkably Easy and Fun to customize
  • Twitter API 1.1 Fully Integrated (yep add your twitter ID and presto your tweets are displayed)
  • Windows 8 Touch And Pinnable Address Compatible
  • Several Extra Bootstrap Compatible Plugins Added
  • Preview On File Uploads And Avatar (HOT)
  • Well Documented and commented Semantic (HTML and CSS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Powerhouse!HOT
  • CSS3 Goodness \\)” title=”;)” />
  • Common error pages from 400 to 503 included
  • Notifier system with Postpone option. Never miss a PM again! HOT
  • AMD loader to Load Up Resources Asynchronously and in Parallel
  • No More Ugly Select, Radio And Checkboxes, Everything Is Fully Styled
  • Font Awesome 4x And Icon Moon Font Icons Integration (Choose between 420+ icons )
  • Image-less! Almost \\)” title=”;)” /> Only 2 Images Used HOT
  • Supports All Major Browsers And Devices

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