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Astra is a highly customisable WordPress theme that has many amazing features. It's super lightweight, and the developers say that, with default WordPress data, a website using Astra should load in less than half a second.

Blog Design and Layout Options

No theme is complete without the ability to customize your blog’s design and layout. Astra comes with an excellent set of blog design and layout options that will help you create a unique blog experience for your visitors.

Upon clicking the Blog option in the customizer homepage, you’re prompted with two options: Blog / Archive and Single Post. As you might have guessed, the first one comes with design and layout options for your blog and archive pages and the second one is for single posts.

Before we dig deeper, let’s remember the older version of the theme.

In the older versions, the options for customizing your blog were not in a single place. If you wanted to change its layout, you’d have to go to Layout > Blog. If you want to change its colors, you’d have to go to Colors & Background > Blog. The same applied if you wanted to change the typography. Below is a gif showcasing this old tedious process.

All customization options for your blog/archive’s layout, colors, typography, spacing, etc. are in a single place now.

Check out the list below to see all the stuff which can be customized:

  • Layout
  • Grid layout
  • Spacing, date Box, featured Image
  • Post and meta structure
  • Content width
  • Post content display options such as either choose to display an excerpt or full post
  • Excerpt count
  • Read more text (which you can also choose to be displayed as a button instead of a link)
  • Post pagination and post pagination spacing
  • Colors and background
  • Typography for the archive title, post title, meta, and pagination
  • Spacing outside and inside post


Note that some of the options here, such as the colors and typography, will override your global settings.

One of the interesting options here is the ability to rearrange blog meta and customize the post structure. You can drag and drop them to rearrange them.

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